Who We Are

Jesus Light of the World Arabic Evangelical Church is located in the heart of Canada’s capital. It began in July 2012 as a small assembly in one of our brethren home and then evolved into a Sunday worship service along with other meetings.

Our number is growing and we have a big heart to reach out to anyone who does not know personally our precious Lord Jesus Christ; especially Arabs !

Our Sunday service is combined with multiple Sunday school classes. Our Lord works in amazing ways (Isa 55:9).

We believe that no ministry can be accomplished without prayer and for this reason; our weekly prayer meeting has always been a blessing for those who attend.

The church has teamed up with ABOM (Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry) who has blessed us with a large number of New Testaments for distribution (the first parallel English-Arabic New Testament), the book of John with commentaries directed to Muslims, and the books of John and Romans in both languages. We are ABOM’s official distributor in Canada for shipping NTs.

We know that the eyes of the Lord are roaming throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him (2Chro 16:9) and we know that He wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1Tim 2:4): Our prayer, mission, passion and vision is to be a vessel used to serve Him and give Him all the glory … because He is worthy!


The leadership of Jesus Light of the World Arabic Evangelical Church consists of a leading brother (Freddie Choueiry) and a board of three elders.


We definitely need your prayers first and foremost.  
You are welcome to join us in ministry.
You can help us distribute free NTs and other material in your neighbourhood
(for large quantity, only shipping at your cost).

Current Direct Partners

Greenbelt Baptist Church: provides permanent facility, partnership and spiritual support
East Gate Alliance Church: provides occasional facility, partnership and spiritual support
Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry: provides Arabic resources and list of Bible requests all over Canada
Middle East Baptist Church: partners in distributing NTs in the GTA area and Christos event
Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims: serves as a network to connect us with Muslim-outreach ministries